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Volunteer positions available:

- The House of Blessing(HOB) is looking for 2-3 Kitchen Coordinators (KCs). A KC needs to be on hand 4 days/week, 5-6 hours a day; hours will be shared among KCs. The position includes ordering food, receiving a Food-bank truck 3 days/week, and being able to lift up to 30 pounds. Organizational and Management skills preferred.

- HOB is also looking for a Food Pick-Up Person. The position is from May 13th to September 9th, on Mondays, from 8:30 to 11:30 am. The position includes utilizing the church van to pick up food from Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Pizza Hut and helping with offloading and stocking the food at HOB.

Please contact the current KC, Joan Baker at 757-376-9362 for more information.