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- Kitchen Coordinators: The House of Blessing(HOB) is looking for 2-3 Kitchen Coordinators (KCs). A KC will need to come into the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am till 3:00 pm (hours will be shared among KCs). The position includes ordering food, receiving a Food-bank truck 3 days/week, and being able to lift up to 30 pounds. Organizational and Management skills preferred.

- Phone Operator: HOB is looking for 1-2 volunteers to come in to the office Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10:00 am till 1:00 pm (or finished) to answer the phone, check voicemails, return calls and schedule appointments.

- Food Pick-Up Driver: HOB is also looking for a Food Pick-Up Driver to volunteer on Mondays from May 3rd to September 9th, from 9:30 till noon. The position will require you to drive the church van to pick up food from Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Pizza Hut and help with offloading and stocking the food at HOB.

- Plant-a-row Driver: HOB is looking for a driver to volunteer on Tuesdays for the summer months. The position will require you to drive the church van to Plant-a-row to pick up plants before noon and help offload at the HOB.

- Back-Up Driver: HOB is looking for a back-up driver to work if ever the primary Food pick-up driver or plant-a-row driver is unable to come in.

Please contact Sharon Myers at 757-718-0054 for more information or submit a blue respond card.