Elder Announcements

Dear Church Family,

Many of you have had the privilege of watching Harvest Assembly go through many changes over the years. Change is very much a part of everyday life, and over time we learn how to respond to change with faith and confidence that God is working all things together for good.

Today, we have another change we need to tell you about.  Effective immediately, Pastor Mike Osborn has resigned his position as Pastor and Elder.  We are grateful for the many blessings he brought to Harvest, among them having the spirit of an evangelist, the heart for other cultures, and continually challenging us to open our arms to those who do not easily fit into a normal “church” environment.  We thank him for his 20-plus years of service and his love for Harvest.

Out of love for Pastor Mike and his family, we ask you to be honoring to him and refrain from making assumptions or seeking the “why” of this decision.  However, if you have questions please contact one of the Elders.

We love Mike and give thanks for the good plans God has for him and his family.

With shared love and devotion for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Elders Bill Sparkman, William Cox, and Harold Moore.